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Check your rent, avoid scams

AVOID scams

Make sure your rent is safe, make a deal after a succes check of the property.


Once the appointment is confirmed with rental agent take control of the checking.


Confirm the propertie is in good shape and all is working.


Your vacations must be awesome since you choose the place to stay.

where is located your rent?

Puerto Vallarta from Marina to Mismaloya. Nuevo Vallarta from Jarretaderas to Bucerias. Banderas Bay from La Cruz to San Pancho.






Bandera's bay

Frequently asked questions

Send a message with your full name, email, phone number, rent location, property manager contact or owner contact, exact address or link of the website and you will recive directions to follow the service.

Puerto Vallarta $30 USD

Nuevo Vallarta $40 USD 

Banderas Bay $65 USD

Paymant for advanced through PAYPAL only. 

Research about the property and surroundings, make apointments for check in person the property, check the property manager or rental agent, check if the property has the same amennities as the advertising, check special needs for the costumers, accessibility and others. VideoCall for the costumers ask or guide the checking. 

  • Avoid Scams
  • Confirm amenities 
  • Confirm accessibility
  • Location and surroundings
  • Services around
  • Especial requests 

Once the payment is confirmed, 24 hours depending on the appoinments with managers or rental agent.

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