4 Condominium Developments Closed in Puerto Vallarta for Not Following Federal Regulations

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA) recently closed four condominium developments in Puerto Vallarta for not following federal regulations. These developments include Carmelina, Harbor 171, Soho, and D’vine. The operation was conducted with the help of the National Guard about a week ago and Carmelina has already been closed. This condominium offered 52 apartments. The head of Jalisco’s SEMARNAT says that there could be four more developments that have been closed, and they will continue to check on other constructions in Puerto Vallarta.

Why is this happening? The Puerto Vallarta City Hall is giving out permits for constructions, but developers are not waiting for favorable environmental study results before starting construction. This can result in the total closure or demolition of the building.

The head of SEMARNAT said that they reviewed the procedures for environmental impact studies in Puerto Vallarta and the whole state, and found that 28 to 30 resolutions did not support the coastal ecosystem of the city. Therefore, they ruled against them.

The head of SEMARNAT also mentioned that Carmelina was already closed once before, but they continued building. They were notified that the number of units and the overall structure violated the urban instrument of Conchas Chinas. Soho was notified that their construction request was not approved last year, D’vine, located in front of the Santa Cruz Church in Emiliano Zapata, continued building despite the notification, and Harbor 171 originally asked for 13 levels and 2 towers, but now has more than 25 levels and 28 floors.

Although the authorities carry out these resolutions, it rarely happens that a construction is fully closed or demolished in Puerto Vallarta due to the economic impact it would have. This often ignores the environmental impact.

Remember that last year a construction fell down and a street in the Amapas neighborhood became unpassable, with several properties affected by constructions that do not care about the damage they cause.

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