GOOD NEWS IN PUERTO VALLARTA, Travel Update Puerto Vallarta.

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Hola amigos, good news for Puerto Vallarta, today current governor send a message for all people living in Jalisco state: Covid 19 cases are going slightly low that’s means the restrictions are working and we are going from red to orange status.

That’s right friends Enrique Alfaro the current governor said the restrictions are working but this does not mean we should let our guard down; the current restrictions remain until August. the wave has slowed down, but we need to wait until the end of the month to see more clear relevant results.

Also, the governor said if we continue this way, we will proceed from red to orange in the pandemic light.  He explained that other parts of Jalisco are doing good job also. and there’s more beds available in the hospitals.

Here is some statistics about how the virus is slowing down. First the active cases rose from 6 thousand to 10 thousand which represent like 40% increase and for the last week there was 9 thousand cases which is -7% decrease. the numbers of hospital people are almost the same statistics, and deaths decrease from 285 to 189.


Next week is back to school for all the Mexican children. In Jalisco still parents don’t want to send their kids to school, but the authorities said parents have the option of in-home school as well in person school, this is because a lot of parent said: their children started to get sick even some deaths for covid 19, therefor send them to school does not seem like a good idea.

But the Governor support the education system for going back to school and said children get more contagious in summertime vacations than during school sessions. He also encouraged all the people to get vaccinated so this will help even better.

So, what do you think? Is it still too early to travel to Puerto Vallarta this year or do you feel more relief to know the situation is getting better? Let me know, comment below de video description. That was the Travel Update Puerto Vallarta

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