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A lot of people plan their vacations to Puerto Vallarta thinking the beach on the resort looks like in the publicity and once they are in the hotel they become disappointed, for example the beach looks different is rocky and it seems no lifeguard around. Don’t worry, here is an update about the beaches in Puerto Vallarta to help you to choose a better location for your next vacations in Vallarta.


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First, due to the rainy season most of the beaches at Puerto Vallarta are going to look different, rivers mixed with the ocean and the beaches will make the water look brown this is normal and its part of the nature. Also, the beaches with red flag indicates don’t swim its dangerous. So the rainy season is from August to half of November period and October is hurricane season. After that, the next months have amazing weather.

For better understanding let’s divide Puerto Vallarta in 3 parts the south, the middle and the north. Most of the lodging is in the middle of Puerto Vallarta, hotels, condos, and casitas for rent, are all very accessible and easy to get to the downtown area, the Malecon is the boardwalk and the main attraction of Vallarta. The beach on the Malecon is not the best for swimming, but you will find nice restaurants with the most amazing views.

Los-muertos-beach El-malecon

Los Muertos is the most famous beach in town but is crowded during high season, offers bathrooms, parking area, groceries stores, ATM. In the last years this beach hasn’t passed the clean beach certification.

North is from the “Camarones” beach to the Airport, we could say the marina Vallarta is the last beach. It is normal to find crocodiles on the beach swimming or even on the streets or in the golf course areas. There are signs all over the beaches that warn of crocodiles and attacks which happe because people don’t know about this situation.

Beaches like camarones could be rocky, sometimes the hotel’s administration works on the beach taking away the rocks and making a better beach for their guests. Another beach is “Playa del Holy” and is located behind the shopping center “La Isla” this beach is wide open and normally all the sports event like beach soccer or volleyball happened at this beach.


I saved the best for last, the south of Puerto Vallarta has the best beaches of all the bay, blue, clear waters, sometimes turqsuoise color, white sands very often for locals and all the visitors. Some beaches are reachable by walking, like “Gemelas” beach or “Conchas Chinas”. Get your backpack, put some fruit, bottled water, a sandwich, and go for the adventure. This is very safe, If you are in Puerto Vallarta during the rainy season just check the forecast, storms in that side could be strong and risky.

The hidden gems are Colomitos, Las Animas, Majahuitas and Yelapa. Definitely you must go to those beaches and if you can afford a private boat tour even better, you will never forget your vacations in Puerto Vallarta, trust me.

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