Puerto Vallarta Travel Advisory August 2021, No more restrictions but strong precautions for August

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Currently Jalisco governor said: No more new restrictions, except for more strong precautions at the docks and airport in Puerto Vallarta. Next cruise ship at Puerto Vallarta in September is crucial for the economy, but only vaccinated people or people that can pass a negative covid test can go about town.

This a comparison between January and August to help understand the current situation in Puerto Vallarta. This is official information the source is from the health ministry of the state of Jalisco. You may google their website at “Radar Jalisco” for more information. All the information is in Spanish and the link is below the video description.


Active cases, People in the hospitals, Positivity rate,Deaths

Also, the governor said there are more beds available in Puerto Vallarta, and encourages all the people get the vaccinated. In addition, recommendations such as:

  • Stay in home if you have some diseases like diabetes high blood pressure, or heart conditions due to that these people have higher risks.
  • Wearing mask even in public open spaces
  • Keep a safe distance
  • If you have symptoms get the covid test and if you are positive stay in quarantine

There were also talks about a mandatory that requires  all businesses test their personale but this is still in development

bars and clubs remain close, no more publics events, no religious events allowed. Schools will reopen but disagreement exist due to that in-home school is still an option

regarding  the strong precautions at the docks, this is because cruise ship season is about to started here in Puerto Vallarta, and governor said passenger may not disembark and less they are vaccinated and have negative covid teste result in order to go about town

Compared to flight restrictions,  do u think these cruise restrictions are fair ? comment bellow, let me know what you think.

That was the Puerto Vallarta Travel Advisory August 2021, No more restrictions but strong precautions for August

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